Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Post of the day: Picture Tuesday

Like last Tuesday I'll present to you a new batch of unedited pictures. 

just here because they're visually pretty

thought that it looked interesting. I love reflections!

while the picture itself isn't that pretty, look at the water droplets in the wind!
umbrella in the litter box. 

while not correctly aligned, I still simply love that bright red building.

simply thought that it looks good.

beautiful green grass outside of this alley. 

badly aligned, but thought that it looks good.

love the sky.

love that silhouette of the guy in the distance. Might be able to do something artsy with this.

tried photographing ordinary things. This is the only remotely good photograph. 

looks interesting, main focus point on the guy's shirt.

look at the water!

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