Wednesday, 12 February 2014

about myself

Hello there!
I am a CVG student in Salford university. I decided to make this blog to share my feelings, experiences, knowledge and work with the world. Occasionally I might drop in here to do a review of a game, sometimes I'll drop by just to post my opinion, however mostly I'll be posting university related stuff.

Today we have been learning how to do some pixel art. I don't think that my first attempt at it was that bad, was it?

Other than that the projects that I'm currently working on:

- a unity game for my programming deliverable. It's going to be a life simulation/ visual novel kind of game taking significant amount of inspiration from Alter Ego.

Play Alter Ego right here  )

I might discuss the game a little bit, however it being a deliverable, I can't really tell much about it until I actually submit it, right now I'm struggling to even write all of the situations and events that your character can get into. Suddenly I have a whole new level of appreciation for really old text games.

- a unity game for Design Practice Fundamentals. I am actually going to be the level designer in my team. It's certainly something new for me to try out, because I always fancied being a programmer and programming is the field that I heavily focused on. However our team leader is also a programmer and having two lead programmers in a team of 3 people will be inefficient. I have not started working on it yet, because I decided to wait for a lecture on level design, that is going to be happening next week.

- photography. At the moment I'm photographing anything that I find interesting as a hobby. At the end of this semester I'm hoping to sit back, take a look at the pictures, turn them into art in photoshop and present some of them as my Digital Graphics deliverable. But at the moment I'm simply doing it because it's enjoyable. I know that we were thought how to use a grid while photographing and how to always have the main focus of your picture slightly off center, however (even though my professor would be mad at me for this), while I do attempt to follow the rules, I also just photograph from various angles and just photograph what I think looks interesting and pretty. I'm not a professional photographer in any way, but it is fun to photograph!

What else do I do in my free time? I always enjoyed gaming and expressing my thoughts about games. I normally do so on this channel right here . Don't expect to find anything serious there. It's strictly for free time purposes.

My next post will probably be filled with random pictures that I took. When I take new pictures I'll probably upload them here. When I edit them I'll do the same. Thank you for reading!

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