Wednesday, 12 February 2014

I promised you some pictures...

Unedited picture time!

In February I found some spring

using the off center technique. Are you intrigued by that bush? Or the burger king add at least?

might turn this one into something pretty. I liked the road sign.

Wanted to focus on the Edwards sign. I think it ended up looking just odd.

In the train station, on the opposite side of the platform there's stuff just standing there...

Needed to go out and photograph industrial buildings for an assignment. I like the water.

the sky just looks so gloomy

A bit of a bad picture in my opinion, however I still decided to leave it in, mainly because of how red the building on the right is. I might be able to intensify that colour even more.

Cars make pretty light streaks

Trying out some odd angles.

I just really loved that orange plant. I don't think that the environment does it service though.

beautiful beautiful building.

tried to see if there's anything interesting to photograph while waiting for my train. I really liked the cranes. 

A bad picture in my opinion. I really liked the plant life, however the lighting did not do me any favors.

wanted to see how my camera handles train motion. It did alright.

more odd objects, this time I centered on two instead of 3. (Though the rule is that when there's either 1 or 3 objects in the shot your eye will like it more)

A very very red building.

shooting trough a fence. It provides a nice frame.

Shooting trough the bridge planks. It provides a nice frame.

different angle, no fence this time.

I thought that photographing a dirty side of a building might be a good idea.

those pretty pretty car lights.

street lamp illuminates a tree.

I like the blurriness of this photo. It ended up giving a nice effect.

this one might be slightly boring. I can't exactly put my finger to what is missing though. It just lacks feeling and action and maybe the building is too much in the center?

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