Monday, 24 February 2014

Post of the day: Making a level background - my work so far

Took a weekend off, before all my university work hit me. Will be a busy week this week. It turned out though that being a level designer/ background pixel artist is fun. Started working on level 1, scene 1. For that I needed some Japanese houses and the sky. Ended up spending a whole lot of time on the sky behind the houses. Produced several different variations of it, so my group will have a nice choice. Houses are a work in progress at the moment. This is my work so far:

Background Sky

Initial sky that I started with. In case my group goes with very very very pixely look they can take it.

The same thing blended together far better. I included some transparent colours in between the ones portrayed above and then blended it all.

Added more blue.

Darkened the sky significantly.

lowered the blue down. Maybe the sun has already set and the nighttime is coming?

the darkest version. If I would go even darker I would have to start adding stars and my team is against celestial bodies at the moment.

What I did with houses so far

mostly just this. It took a while to get the shape even semi accurate. Will need to place some extra houses in a separate background tomorrow and finish these ones off.

Tomorrow's blog is likely to be about this again.

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