Wednesday, 18 February 2015

do not categorize (guild rant)

I've been posting on Guild Wars 2 forums again (after Wildstar PvP servers fell I moved back to Guild Wars 2. My guild is now a small community stretched between WoW, Wildstar and Guild Wars 2 with me personally leading the Guild Wars 2 section) and one of the posts really got me worked up.

Bottom line, one guy decided to post this. And all I could think of was "don't categorize, ever". So mistakes that the blog post makes

1. They're obviously against certain types of people and guilds, even though there's absolutely nothing wrong with them. For example helper guilds.
2. They're forgetting the human factor. I know plenty of people in plenty of guilds and there's no inherently bad type of guild. Everyone tends to band together to do what they want to do to and to play the way that they want to play.
3. No conclusion drawing. Whether they paint a negative or a positive image, there's no "therefore" after these descriptions. No advise, no point about improving guilds, no suggestions, no opinion as to why they're writing it. Just bias observations. It's literally a blog post about a guy going "I don't like it, because they're not my guild and I'm the only one normal!".
4. So many generalizations and so much prejudice. Examples include:

"they often immediately try to get attention of the GMs, etc. by producing “Quality” fan-site content. Often, this content is pieced together by using pirated software (After Effects, Photoshop, etc.) and media packs provided by the publisher. if you try to prod into what software they use, they will often either say a free variant of the software they actually use, or just say they use the software, just without saying it’s pirated until you start asking questions about the price of the software" 


"and this often devolves the guild into an MMORPG Hopper or known as a Multi-MMO Guild."

how is being a community a downside?

"In this type of guild, it is not uncommon to find hardcore people who will level up with that guild’s resources just to leave the guild when they hit level cap to join a hardcore guild. This often is due to the guild’s inability to be “Frontal” or “Aggressive” with keeping their members. Some members of a social guild will attempt to be “Aggressive”, but often fail to do so, because of their social instability and being “Anti-Social” when they think they aren’t."

that's just insulting.

And then this guy has the guts to call his own guild normal and saying that that's precisely why they're not popular...
People like this make me want for blogs to be not a thing so that I could directly respond with what kind of pompous prick they are. The problem with the Internet is that they probably don't even care. After all why wouldn't you insult majority of people when you can get away with it?

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