Sunday, 4 May 2014

another small update

Okay folks, nearly done with my uni this year! Last 4 stress filled days remaining!
I finished my unity game. Really proud of it. sure might not be advanced visually, but I made it fully. Not some demo. Not one never ending level, but a full game with narrative. Will expand by showing code and all of the nice little stuffs that I did after I report the work in.
We also got to choose our modules for next year:
Agile Production Management
Digital Narrative Technologies
Games Design Planning
Games Design Prototyping
Tools Programming for Dig Games
Engine Programming for Game

Tools and Engine programming! Oh yeah! Today after finding out that 3 of my classmates (some very code oriented) are struggling with Blackjack which was quite easy for me I feel like I've made the right choice. Confidence going back - I'm going to be a programmer and I'm going to be good at it!

Currently in the middle of doing level designs for my arts module hand in. What I didn't realize is that I'll need to make every single little asset that the level design would be made out of in the game. On top of that it has to be varied. Already finished with the vector side, doing pixel art now.

vector graphics house making items

pixel graphics house making items.

Off to do the rest of my work. See you more often soon!

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