Sunday, 16 March 2014

Post of the day - Long time no see!

Hello all, I was sick and now I'm busy with moving. Nonetheless here is the progress that I've made with my project some far. I made a level 1 design for the group project. Then refined it twice. 

The level was already made in unity 3D, however I'll have to remake it in unity 2D soon enough, because my group has decided that it will be easier to work with.

Was quite busy working with my programming unity game as well. Made a prototype that I've shown off at Thursday and I got the greenlight to continue working on it. What's perfectly done for that one? I made girl child life stage, boy child life stage has all the assets that I need and only needs assembling in unity, currently working on backgrounds for the toddler stage (already finished the backgrounds for the baby stage). The game is very simplistic, but still requires a lot of work. I hope that you all are doing good. Hopefully I'll find time to post here more often :)

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