Friday, 13 March 2015

Wildstar: the denial of the death of an MMO

watch this video

And now tell me does it seem normal for you for one out of two servers to only have 17 people in the middle of the day? To have no economy?

Of course it's not! And there's suggestions. "change your payment model", "close the server down". Nope. Nothing is done for 5 months now. And the best thing is that when people see this and then leave (mostly because Wildstar launched free trials) they get badmouthed.

for example:

"I swear someone is paying people to make ludicrous statements like this post.I am having such a blast in WS every day. "

from Feyline

after I uploaded that video, I was told "oh what a jerk you are!", "you're on at the wrong time!". Now I'm sorry, but even private servers of MMOs have more than 17 people playing on a megaserver at 1pm GMT+0. I will record some more at 6 pm just for them, but still... The fact that the game is dying is sad. The fact that Carbine is doing nothing about it is sad. But the fact that people will call you a jerk for just pointing out that this is not normal is the most frustrating part.

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  1. That's internet for you - people will be jerks no matter what you do. But i'm finding that whenever you point out something negative about a game there will always be people who play it and defend it to the death, even though your criticism might be entirely letigt. (you don't need much personal opinion to point out a number of players online).