Sunday, 21 September 2014

the taboo of criticism and lack of freedom of speech (feminism rant)

Just going to be a quick one this time.

It really irks me how much freedom of speech you lose if you want to be employable. You can't stand in public and say "I dislike this video game because of these reasons", or "I dislike this particular group of self entitled people". Even if you have valid criticism, media will catch on on it and it will be blown out of proportion. Imagine working for a big company. You go out with a new acquaintance to just have a good time and you start spilling your heart out. Next day in the press "This company hates women!".

So I'm going to say things before I can be silenced. Once regret comes in years I'll just delete it. I dislike the current feminism movement against gaming in general. I dislike how Ubisoft is disallowed from telling that they don't plan a main female character for their own game, because that somehow oppresses women. I dislike those that said that in Hitman there should have been no prostitutes, because you can't display that, because you objectify women. I dislike the fact that you can kill millions of men over and over and over in video games and nobody bats an eye, but kill one woman that wasn't important to the story and suddenly you're using women as props and objects. No, you're setting a story line. And yes, a damsel in distress is a valid story line. Why? Because we can relate to wanting to save a loved one. Not because our loved ones are worthless, or weak. But because we love them and want to help them.
I'm frustrated with how one sided the discussion is. As a woman I'm ashamed that someone else is using our sex to stop someone elses creative work. We should be allowed to write our own story-line and set our characters however we want and customers should be allowed to vote with their valets. If someone creates a wonderful female lead, that's great! However why does everyone have to create only female leads? Also only ones that fit certain criteria that will satisfy some women? A woman big breasts, but she can have small ones too, a woman can be stupid, clumsy, weak, intelligent, strong, or any other descriptive word. A woman is a human. So why can't she be portrayed in a story, the way that that said story writer wants to portray her as?

Not trying to insult anyone. Not going to talk about the dishonest people that censor their opponents and are seeking for fame, while playing a victim. Just expressing my opinion. Because why is it so, that certain kind feminists can silence other women just because those disagree with them? Am I oppressing myself by wanting the right to create whatever I would want to create?

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